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We put things to rest with the Funeral Honors

Here we have classy Russian rockers the Funeral Honors, having just reached a showcase on Slicethepie the future looks bright for them. So flip the track on and read on for fun, a very comical gig moment and the question you have always wanted to ask! Lada Riva or the Moskvitch 408?

Piewatch – Firstly, who are The Funeral Honors?

Just two dudes: Damon and Michael – The moving force of the band.

Piewatch - Let’s talk about the bands history, how and where did you meet?

Damon: Back to school in the year 2000. We were on the trip somewhere in Europe; we decide that someday it would be fun to make a band. It was a joke for that moment. In 2006 I moved to USA and in 2 years I met Michael in the music store I worked in. Michael visited his brother in LA, and we decide to meet. We talked a lot about music and all, and thought that it would be great to make our old idea real.

Michael: I persuaded Damon to quit his job, and move to my brothers flat in LA, where I had a garage and everything to start making music. In a couple of weeks my neighbour joined out band as a drummer. Damon and I made a lot of demo tracks in approx. a month. Later we found a bass, and decided to make some shows in a local clubs. We had one gig in Miami, where we met Tim Gauf, a producer from Moscow. I worked with him before with my former band. He offered us to record an album in his studio in Moscow. We could not afford to record high-quality album in USA, so we moved back to Russia, and started to make the record. After a couple of months we had an album called “Bad Dreams Still Mine” ready.

Piewatch – What plans do you have for raising the 15k?

TFH: Our fans are the main source of investments. We are doing gigs and trying to attract more and more people to support us on STP. We are making some videos right now to attract fans and investors in the internet. Our family and friends will also take part.

Piewatch – What made you switch to Slicethepie from Sellaband?

Damon: To my personal opinion Sellaband users do not care much about the music. They will only invest in you if you have at least 30% of your goal already invested. There is no fair competition, I mean, if You have a load of money from the start You can successfully reach the goal of 50000 dollars pretty fast and it doesn`t matter whether your music is great or awful.

On Slicethepie you can only get financed if you`ve been chosen from thousands of bands, it means that the music really matters, your success depends directly on you talent. That’s why we chose Slicethepie.

Michael: STP made us believe that two dudes from Russia can make music people from other countries would like. It makes us happy!

Piewatch - You set a target of $100,000 on Sellaband; do you fear that £15,000 might not be enough?

Michael: If you have $100000, you may not pick between two things. You can do both of them. The more money you own – the more freedom you have.

£15,000 is enough to make it all sound and look professional, the only thing you have to do is determine what should be done first of all, and what is not too important. Anyway there is only one chance to do the best you can.

Piewatch - Who do you feel are your main competition in this showcase and why?

TFH: Every band who made it to the showcase is awesome, they all sound different, and all of them has it`s unique sound. We don`t think that this is a competition actually. There is no rule like – “Only One will survive”. Every band is moving to its goal. The only difference is – some succeed, some do not!

Piewatch - If you received the £15,000 financing tomorrow, what would be the first thing you spent it on?

Damon: We have an album recorded and mastered already, but we are not happy with how it`s mixed. So the first thing we are going to do if we receive the £15,000 is mix the tracks properly, `coz in Russia there are no high-level mixing engineers and producers who could help us achieve the best result, and make this tracks sound like we want them to.

Michael: Promoting this album is going to be the next step we are going to take.

And of course, we`ve got a freight-train of new songs which we`d like to release, maybe as singles or as another album.

Finally, we are going to do as many gigs outside Russia as we can!!!

Piewatch - Describe the Russian music scene at the moment

TFH: The success depends not on your talent, but on the thickness of your wallet. No rock music. No support for independent bands. If you want your music played on the radio – pay, If You want to participate in some big fest – pay. If you want your video on TV – pay. It doesn`t matter how good your material is.

The only thing an independent band can do is playing in a small bar or club for a hundred dollars. How can you record an album with a hundred dollars?

Russian people do not accept singing in English, though we think it`s the only language suitable for singing. But if we want our music to be heard by millions of people we must sing in English. And it`s right. There are dozens of examples – HIM, Roxette, ABBA…

In our country, the music is played by rich people for rich people.

Piewatch – Describe your music in three terms

Music for the masses

Piewatch - Any comical gig moments?

Damon: We were playing on the local festival, it was some kind of an open air, and the wind was so strong that it made a scene monitor fall down on our drummer crashing his metronome. While he tried to fix it, we decided to warm the crowd up, Michael jumped into the crowd but it didn’t catch him, instead he landed on a big fat chick, she hugged him so tight and never wanted to let go… He doesn’t jump anymore.

Piewatch - If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Michael: Guess the numbers on the roulette right. I`m venturesome.

Damon: Teleportation is my choice.

Piewatch – Any irrational fears?


Piewatch - What was the better car the Lada Riva or the Moskvitch 408?

Michael: Of course it`s Lada Riva. And guess why?!! Coz I had one. It was my first car. Sweet girl she was.

Damon: My first car was Lada 2105. Russian cars are awful.

Piewatch - Any last comments, plugs, or shout out’s to the fans?

There is no “TFH” without you!!!! LET’S MAKE “TFH” BIG TOGETHER!

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